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My Recent Cute + Sustainable Purchases

If you know me, you know that I love cute things! And you also probably know that I try to live as sustainably as I can. But when I say this, I by no means am saying I'm perfect. I still sometimes buy cheap things wrapped in plastic or that aren't the most eco-friendly option out there. No one is perfect and no one needs to be! What matters is being mindful, taking steps in the right direction and doing what works best for you. In this post, I just wanted to list out a few items I got over the past few months that I've been loving, and happen to be both cute and pretty sustainable!

Secondhand Clothes

If you read my previous blog post about updating my wardrobe, you probably already know about this one. Although I do buy some clothes new, I try my best to go for secondhand items when possible. Thrift stores are great of course, but I also love Poshmark, and more recently I've been obsessed with Depop.

Pink Plastic-Free Beauty Products

I found this brand called Urth Beauty, a small shop based in Arizona, on Instagram a while back and am in love with the shop's aesthetic! I purchased a couple of soaps and a deodorant in a glass jar. All the packaging is pastel pink and low/zero waste! What more could you ask for? Keep in mind that Urth Beauty is currently working on a new website that is set to launch on July 30th.

Lavender Nail Polish

I purchased a lavender colored nail polish from Pacifica for spring and it's been my favorite ever since! Pacifica makes exclusively vegan and cruelty free products. The nail polish comes in a glass bottle, but the cap is still plastic. The glitter polish I'm wearing on my ring finger is also by Pacifica and made with bio glitter. Pacifica uses mainly recycled plastic for their packaging and even has a recycling program, which is awesome!

Picnic Basket

I got the cutest vintage picnic basket off of Poshmark a few months ago. It's a bit small to carry everything you'd need for a picnic, but it looks adorable in photos, and in person of course. I saw lots of other picnic baskets on the app, so if you're in the market for one, you should check it out!

Pink Bubble Candle

This one I actually won in a giveaway but I decided to include it too. This pink bubble candle is by West Clay Company, which is based in Florida. The candle is so cute and smells amazing! I've had it for months and still can't bring myself to burn it yet! When I do, I'll certainly have to purchase another one.

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe it even gave you some shopping ideas! Keep in mind that of course, the most sustainable option is what you already own. But it doesn't hurt to treat yourself to some cute goodies from time to time!

This post is not sponsored and all opinions stated are my own. Links are provided for your convenience, in case you would like to shop from the places mentioned.


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