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Hoop Classes

Being able to spread my love for hooping and teach others is a passion of mine. In the past, I have taught group classes and private lessons, online and in person.


All classes and lessons can be customized to fit your specific skill level and goals. Are you a beginner hooper who wants to learn some simple but impressive tricks? Or are you a more advanced hooper who's looking to get some tips on how to polish up your flow and make it stage ready? My lessons will help you focus on the goals you want to achieve as a hooper and make you feel more confident about your flow.


Listed below are the types of classes I currently offer. Please get in touch with me if you have any questions or ideas for a hoop class with me!

Online Hoop Classes


Private Zoom Lesson

Online Zoom Lessons can be done from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world.


Please book a time with me on Calendly using the "book now" link.

$25 USD per hour


Bringing Sassy Back

This pre-recorded class gives you hoop tricks and variations to incorporate into your flow, making it more sassy, fun and totally stage ready!

Venmo me or contact me if you'd like to use another form of payment

$10 USD

Live Workshops

In-Person Hoop Classes


Private In-Person Lesson

Private in-person lessons are for up to two people at a time. Must take place in Manhattan, Queens or Brooklyn. Travel expenses will be charged for lessons outside of the above boroughs.


Group Workshop

Great for parties, outdoor events, fitness studios and more! Lessons can be tailored to learners of all ages and skill levels. Please contact me for pricing. Travel expenses may be charged.


Arielle Dalia Chraim.jpg


"I had the pleasure to hire Arielle for an event for a local community group this past week. Arielle was extremely professional in all aspects and was easy to do business with. When it came to performing and teaching Hula Hooping it was very special how she connects to an audience and to those who wanted to learn. She brought many hoops and shared them and she so effectively taught others. Her patience and ability to adjust which moves she taught was individualised and inclusive. She was so encouraging which kept some continuing to try even when they got frustrated. She kept the teaching fun. My biggest memory was the joy she inspired on the faces of children. Many people expressed their enjoyment and she was a big hit at our event. I hope to have the opportunity to book her again." - Robert Fitzsimmons

"Arielle Dalia is a great hooper [with] lots of experience. I've been hooping for 17 years, and can say she is a way higher level than all the other NYC hooping instructors." - Xander N.

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