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Sustainable Self Care Ideas <3

Valentine's Day is coming up, which is the perfect time for a little extra self care! Looking for some ideas on how to keep this fun and eco-friendly? Keep reading!

Plastic Free Beauty Products

Whenever possible, opt for plastic-free beauty products to use in your self care routine. Examples of these include moisturizers in glass jars, bar soaps and bath bombs that are packaging free, such as the ones from Lush. Bonus points if your products are also vegan!

Vegan Sweets

As many of you already know, going vegan is one of the number one ways you can help the environment. So pick up some vegan chocolate or other sweets! There are options in most grocery stores, as well as on Amazon if you'd prefer not to leave the house. You can even try making some sweets at home! And if you're going out to dinner, try and see if there are any vegan restaurants in your area that you can support!

Non-Toxic Candles

If you're a candle lover like me, you might be horrified to know that most candles contain tons of toxic chemicals! These are of course bad for you, but could be even worse for your pets or children. So avoid paraffin candles be sure to pick up some non-toxic candles to enjoy, like the ones from Lunar Landings.

Potted Plants

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love buying and receiving cut flowers every once in a while. And thankfully they are compostable! But an even more sustainable option is a potted plant. It will last a lot longer, meaning you won't have to sadly throw them out after only a couple weeks.

Support Small Businesses

While buying from big grocery stores and Amazon may be more convenient, try to shop from small businesses if you can! Pick up some cupcakes from your local bakery, beauty products from a small shop or a cute handmade plushie from Etsy!

I hope you all have a fun and relaxing Valentine's Day this year! And remember, these tips can be used any time when you're feeling in the mood for a little extra self love. Stay safe and sending you much love!

Disclaimer: The links provided above are not affiliate links and I do not earn money if you choose to buy from the mentioned retailers. The links are provided simply for your convenience.


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