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Bucketlist Bombshell Review: Worth the Investment?

Hey friends, I hope you're all doing well! I know a lot of us are currently struggling to find work or are hoping to find something that they can do safely from the comfort of home. Maybe you've even heard the term "digital nomad" in the past and thought that it sounds like something you'd love to do, when it's safe to travel again of course, but is it really possible? That's exactly the boat I was in about a year ago, and is why I finally decided to take the plunge and purchase my first Bucketlist Bombshell course. I wanted to finally kickstart my remote career and create a job I actually enjoyed. That is why I am here today to write a Bucketlist Bombshell review, for anyone else who is interested in becoming an online entrepreneur, is curious about the courses, and wants to know if the course I took is worth the investment.

Who Are The Bucketlist Bombshells?

If you've never heard of the Bucketlist Bombshells, let me fill you in first. They are two millennial online female business owners named Cassie and Shay, who offer online courses that claim to teach you how to become an online entrepreneur and travel the world. They offer three full-length courses within The Bucketlist Bombshells Academy, including The Design Skills Course, The Tech Skills Course and The Work Online and Travel the World Course. Today, I will be reviewing the third course, which focuses on how to build an online service-based business giving you the financial freedom to live anywhere in the world! Sounds a bit too good to be true, right? Let's dive deeper.

My Own Background

A little about me, I have a bachelor's degree in Art Management and had been working full time at a local hotel up until March 2020. Since I graduated college in 2015, I had been moving from one job to the next, focusing on what would make me more money, be more "stable", give me better benefits, as many of us do. I had heard the term "digital nomad" for the first time in 2018, but simply wasn't confident I could make something like that work for me, and felt I didn't have the money to invest in training anyway. When the pandemic hit, I was laid off from my seemingly stable hotel job along with nearly all of my coworkers. After allowing myself some time off to simply stay safe at home, I began reflecting and had the realization that this was the perfect time for me to begin learning how to create an online business. I wanted the freedom to make money from home now, and travel anywhere I'd like to in the future. So last summer, I finally took the plunge and began taking The Work Online and Travel the World Course.

Getting Started

After I purchased the course, I was initially feeling a bit overwhelmed looking at everything that was included. I honestly hadn't expected to receive so much content! So since this is one of those courses you can take on your own time, which I personally prefer, I did so slowly, just a little bit each day. It may have taken me a while to complete the course this way, but this is only because it was filled with so much valuable information. I learned not only about defining my online skills and creating a website to showcase them, but even how to network and find ideal accommodations for when I'm traveling one day. There was so much in the course that I honestly had never even thought about when imagining becoming a digital nomad.

What Did I Learn?

Within the course, the Bucketlist Bombshells went into detail about what clients are looking for and how to best appeal to potential clients when searching for online work. I learned how to create and set up a beautiful professional website to include when sending a proposal or my resume. I was introduced to a wide array of helpful websites and online tools I had never even heard of before. The course also included valuable bonus sections such as a packing guide and additional mini courses. Most importantly, Cassie and Shay gave me the confidence to realize that this was something I could actually make work. Their guidance lead me to feel it was possible to become an online entrepreneur and follow this dream I had been trying to push out of my head for two years out of fear.

How Has This Helped Me?

A year ago, I was waking up miserable, knowing I had to go to a job I hated and spend most of my day there, nearly everyday of the week. I'm sure a lot of you reading this now can relate, and I just want you to know that there is an alternative. Am I currently making crazy amounts of money that enable me to jet across the world first class and stay in any luxury hotel for as long as I want? Not quite. Am I happily and safely working from home with clients I love and enjoy working for? Absolutely. I feel so blessed to be in this position, to be able to make money doing work that aligns with my values and helps me reach my life goals. And I know with absolute certainty that I would not be doing this now if I hadn't invested in myself and taken the Bucketlist Bombshell's Work Online and Travel the World Course.

What Am I Doing Now?

I began booking clients before I even finished taking the Work Online and Travel the World Course, that's how much it helped me to feel ready to go for my dreams. I currently work from home on my laptop and smart phone, which eventually I'll be able to do from anywhere in the world, once I feel safe to travel again of course. I have been working as a freelance virtual assistant and social media manager since autumn of 2020. I love how I am able to plan my work around my day, giving me time to spend with family and work on my other passions, such as teaching online hula hoop lessons! I was so pleased with this course, that I ended up also purchasing The Design Skills Course and The Tech Skills Course from the Bucketlist Bombshells Academy, which I am currently working on. All of these courses are continuously helping me to become a more highly skilled and sought after professional.

Final Thoughts

If you've been feeling unhappy with your work or are looking for something that will give you the financial freedom you crave, I highly recommend taking this course. It's changed my life for the better in so many ways. I feel extremely grateful to wake up each day and be able to start work whenever I want, stay home, wear my PJs, and create an online career that will enable me to one day work from anywhere in the world. If you'd like to learn more before purchasing a full length course, the Bucketlist Bombshells have a ton of free resources, such as their workshop, 3 Steps to Learn the Skills You Need to Make An Income Online. This is the best possible time to invest in yourself and create the life of freedom you deserve. Remember, your life is your own to create.

Disclaimer: Compensation has been provided in exchange for this review. However, all opinions stated are completely my own and all courses were purchased with my own money.


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